Choosing the Most Beneficial Protein Powder

People look to protein powder to help them build muscle, stick to their diets or sometimes to make up for a low protein diet (e.g. vegan). You may be too busy to always eat protein rich meals, or you may just like the convenience of protein powder. This is why it can be helpful to add protein to your diet in the form of supplements. You don’t, however, just want to randomly pick a brand of protein powder; you should first be clear on what qualities and ingredients you’re looking for.

One characteristic of high quality protein supplements is that they use natural ingredients and don’t contain empty calories. The best products are made from whatever protein source (whey, egg, soy, etc.) is being used and possibly some additional nutrients, but nothing non-essential. When it comes to protein powder made from whey, dairy products or eggs, there’s also the issue of whether the animals were treated with hormones or other unnatural substances. You can find protein powder that comes from natural and organic sources. While sugar or another sweetener will make the product taste more appealing, it will also add calories which you’ll have to work off, at least if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s therefore quite important to know exactly what the manufacturer is putting into the protein supplement.

Dairy product based protein powders can’t be used by everyone. There are plant based protein supplements available for those who are lactose intolerant or on a strict vegan diet for health or ethical reasons but want to add more protein to their diet.

Some people wonder if there can be side effects to consuming protein powder. Many people are allergic to certain foods or have trouble digesting them. If you cannot tolerate milk products, then this obviously means you have to avoid protein powders that are made from these. Some protein powders have a long list of ingredients, so if you’re allergic to something (such as eggs, for example), you need to read the label carefully. If you want to avoid animal protein, there’s always soy -on the other hand, some people can’t tolerate soy products. Sometimes you don’t realize that your body is sensitive or allergic to something until you try taking it every day. The good news is that protein powder comes in so many different forms that there’s bound to be at least one kind that you can safely take regularly.

Supplements often combine protein with other nutrients, and protein powder can come in many forms. Be sure the read the ingredients of the supplement that you are considering rather than going by what the advertisements say. If you are trying to gain or lose weight, calories are a factor, so pay attention to how many calories each serving has.