A Review of the Fitness Program Slim in 6

Here’s How it Works

Slim in 6 is a fitness program developed by Debbie Sieber that combines cardiovascular (to strengthen the heart), calisthenic (to tone the body), and weight-bearing exercises (to build strength). The program lasts for six weeks and is split into three phases: Start it Up!, Ramp it Up!, and Burn it Up!

Start it Up! eases you into the core exercises of the program (squats and lunges being the most memorable). It concentrates on teaching you correct form and getting you comfortable with movements that will be used throughout the Slim in 6 program. The work out time lasts for approximately 25 minutes and should be done your first two days or until you have mastered this level.

Your third day begins Ramp it Up! The exercise time increases from 25 to 50 minutes, but the intensity level only slightly increases. Debbie demonstrates alternative moves for exercises that you might not have mastered quite yet. This phase of the program lasts for the remainder of you first week and all of your second.

For the final four weeks of the program, you use Ramp it Up! Exercise time increases slightly from 50 to 60 minutes and the pace picks up. You are encouraged to take breaks or use alternative moves as you need them.

Included with the Slim in 6 program, you receive plenty of literature, including the 6 Day Express Diet Plan and Simple Steps to Success. You also receive a resistance band used throughout the work outs.

What I liked most about the videos were the use of “real” people. Before the work out, Debbie introduces the two people with her as part of her initial test groups and the DVD shows their before and after pictures. I find this very encouraging. The reading material also encourages me to just “push play” no matter what and that a lazy work out is better than no work out at all. The cost is affordable, especially spread over three monthly payments. Including shipping and handling costs, it comes out to just under 80 dollars.

One downfall of the program is its repetitive nature. Once I reached the final phase, I found myself getting bored of doing the same work out everyday, so I decided to purchase another work out DVD to switch it up every now and then.

I am in my fifth week of the program and am pleased with the results overall. I lost seven pounds in the first twelve days, but my progress has plateaued since then. I have read that this not all that uncommon and that my progress should pick up in these final two weeks. The program does stress making healthy eating habits and drinking lots of water. My first week and a half, I was super motivated, so my eating habits greatly improved, but I’ll admit I’ve slacked off since then. One immediate and obvious result is that my feet have not been swollen since the very first day of exercise. Before beginning the program, my shoes would cut into my feet. I’m twenty-five and just at the top of my recommended weight range, so I never considered the swelling as normal. I’ve also experienced a subtle, yet noticeable, decrease in appetite and a refreshing increase in energy.

I do recommend the program for anyone looking to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle. I have never been one to work out, but since I’ve started, it’s hard not to continue (to my great surprise). My next step is to get it in gear and really concentrate on those healthy eating habits. If my first two weeks were any indication, I think that this should make all the difference.

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