re-mission —  \ri´-mish-Ən\  noun

a resolve to establish a new life’s mission, as in to re-mission a life for greater personal good or for that of the world



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Processes and products discussed in this book and this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment.

First in coining the phrase, “Molecular Signature of God,”

to then present the vast significance of this concept. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  It’s February of 2015 and over 500 copies of this book have found a home.  The awareness is growing.  There is always hope.  Respect and believe in yourself.  Life is a miracle and you are as great a miracle as any that you may be dreaming of for yourself.  That is your call to action.  

TRUST - your intuition. 

LEARN - all you can.

KNOW -  Deep in your heart there is an answer. 


These photos from 1981, newly discovered January, 2012, show this author next to empty cans of a product called “Stress Coat” which was sprayed to portions of large machines.  You can see the shinny surface in the small photo resulting from the application.  When employed at this facility, adequate protection from this chemical toxin was not available and everyone applying it felt sick after exposure.   It is generally no mystery why health challenges like cancer become evident.  After cancer develops most of us are on our own.

You can read how this chemical is toxic to the liver, kidneys and blood here:

YES - Diagnosis information like this from 2006 is included in the book!

A blood test and evaluation as of

Dec. 2012 provided health scores as

perfect as the system could indicate.

Book concept video:

Remission references a state of health relative to disease.  Re-mission references "re-missioning" life towards natural wellness.  Success is demonstrated here to inspire a new mission in life. This is an experiential journey detailing actual events, tests and results obtained purely through alternative modalities.  Chemo was prescribed but declined. Cancer was eliminated in 2006 through a unique protocol of prevention within a few months of implementation.  During recovery, symptoms of leukemia were controlled like dialing volume up and down on a radio without chemo or radiation “treatments”.  A copy of the original diagnosis is included.

After diagnosis, advise was provided by someone with breast, uterus, and brain cancer experience.  She explained how she eliminated cancer herself after conventional treatment failed and had spread the cancer throughout her body.  A clinic outside of the USA was said to have over a 90% elimination rate for all cancers inspiring deep investigation. 

Comprehensive, “cream of the crop” detail, derived of thirty-five years of research and experiential integration are concentrated in this diverse resource.  Obscure yet powerful successes of others are connected with this authors original methods.  The more you honor the power of nature, the more support you will receive from it no matter what your age or condition. Elimination of health challenges is only the beginning.  The natural molecular signature of God, found exclusively in nature, is only available to those who understand how to recognize, honor and integrate it. 

Hopi prophecy requires we connect with the earth or perish during these times.  We must honor this connection.  To those who pray for a cure it is suggested to pray for awareness that it has been here as long as humankind has been on earth.  Question the game of conventional expectation with proven tools to help overcome radiation, chemical, physical and emotional stress.  Enjoy this spectacular synergy analogous to unleashing Divine Intelligence against illness.  Enjoy the ultimate power for achievement and wellbeing. 

Original 2006 Diagnosis - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Original symptoms that accumulated over decades for which answers where sought:

Weight Loss - Weight down to 131 LBS from normal 155 LBS.

Appetite Loss - Feeling of sickness overwhelmed any sense of appetite

Sleep Apnea - Awakening through the night not breathing with feeling of suffocation

Lymph Node Enlargement - Extensive - it hurt to walk with apricot seed sized lymph nodes and masses of them forming around the neck, down legs, under arms etc.

Tachycardia - Heart raced often generally while sleeping to 200 beats/min.

Low Blood Sugar - Determined through 24 hour urine test

Heart Stress - Intermittent episodes of tingling down left arm and extreme chest tightness that were not preventable through exercise

Low Energy - Walking up stairs required great effort resulting in heart racing wildly

Ammonia Smell - Urine smelled strongly of ammonia 

Disorientation - At times it was necessary to roll into a fetal position to reduce nauseating disorientation

Lack of Sleep - Could only sleep a few hours at night due to sickness and a continual feeling of a need to regurgitate from the heart area

Night Sweats - This is common to the condition, waking up as wet as having taken a bath

Metallic Taste - This peculiar sensation in the mouth was indicative of a systemic acid state

Painful Joints - Extremely painful especially noticeable when trying to sleep

Achievement list as of fall 2012:

Protocol Devised - Blood tests were normalized within three months of implementation

Original SymptomsEliminated

Bicycling - Distance covered since recovery - 18,000+ miles

Extreme Exertion - Results in zero residual heart stress

High Energy - High intensity training does not deplete core energy

Intensity - Faster and stronger than previous wildest fantasies 

Resistance Training - After two years of training, muscle mass increase brings body weight to over 160 LBS.  Strength is increasing faster now than weight gain indicating an incremental increase in energy density.